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About Coupe Construction Company

Coupe Construction opened its doors in 1926 when Mr. A. L. Coupe and Mr. J. R. Russel formed a partnership and started what would one day become one of the oldest commercial construction companies in Louisville, Kentucky. While Mr. Russel left the partnership in the early 1930s, Mr. Coupe controlled the company for nearly thirty years and started the original corporation of A. L. Coupe Construction Company.

Upon Mr. Coupe's retirement during the mid-1950s, he bestowed the company assets to his long time secretary Ms. Helen "Miss Helen" Baldez and his Project Manager, Mr. Jim Furman. It was important to Mr. Coupe to make sure Coupe Construction kept the morale and ethics that had made it so successful in the beginning. By entrusting the company to employees that had worked for him, Mr. Coupe began a longstanding tradition of keeping Coupe Construction true to its initial goal of being a respected, quality driven commercial construction company.

After Mr. Furman's death in 1965, Mr. William Hedgespeth assumed the leadership role in the company. Mr. Hedgespeth, formerly a Project Manager under Mr. Furman, and Mr. Charles Romans gained ownership of Coupe Construction in 1985. Mr. Romans had been a long time employee since the 1950's and served Coupe Construction until his death in August of 2000. Mr. Hedgespeth continues to retain controlling interest in Coupe Construction today along with five minority stockholders.

Today, Coupe Construction Company takes pride in being the premier provider in KY, IN and surrounding areas for commercial construction. Without fail, our customers are left satisfied, and under budget. You owe it to your organization to give Coupe Construction a call. Contact Us Here.

Coupe Construction Leadership

Ed Bergstrom, Jr.

Ed began career as a carpenter in 1978 and became a Project Manager in 1983, handling industrial renovation projects. Mr. Bergstrom joined Coupe Construction Company in the Spring of 1985 as a Project Manager and was promoted to President of company in September of 2000. Experienced in all phases of construction, including industrial, commercial buildings, restaurants, and churches, Mr. Bergstrom has administered contracts which are competitively bid, negotiated lump sum, cost plus fee basis and design build to owner specifications.

Edwin Thomas (Eddie) Bergstrom
Project Manager

Eddie began working at Coupe in 2004 as an on site superintendent, a position which he kept for the first four years of his career here.  With the demands put on the company during the McDonalds McCafe project from 2008 to 2009, he was brought into the office to help coordinate multiple, concurrently run projects.  Since the close of that program, his focuses have remained on the estimating and planning of projects rather than their direct daily implementation.  He currently handles the majority of the maintanence and repair items for our customers so they receive the same attention and diligence as larger contracts under control of the senior Project Management staff.

Joe Morris
Project Manager

Joe is a United States Marine Corps Veteran with 22 years of experience in the construction industry specializing in heavy excavation and concrete. Joe also has a vast background in water management projects.





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